Anti-Aging Center of Boca


Boca Raton FL

I’M A VERY FORTUNATE LADY! I consider myself to be a very lucky lady……to have chosen the ANTI AGING CENTER of BOCA from “on line” when there were other “Age Defying Services” all listed on the computer. But fortunately, I selected the “Anti Aging Center of Boca”. The Salon in Boca Raton is ten minutes from my home. Nina, the Owner, took my phone call, understood that I really did need help that same day; fit me into her calendar and I was at her Salon within the hour. I explained I had been visiting my Mother who is a sweet “Food Pusher” and was pushing food all day long. For the first week of my visit we had a constant struggle and by the second week, I threw in the towel to make my Mother happy. I wound up with exaggerated hips and abdomen; something I’ve “never” had before. I honestly could “not” do up the pants I had wanted to wear that evening. I brought them to show Nina, tried them on; almost; but of course I couldn’t do them up. Nina knew exactly which areas needed to be worked on and she accomplished that chore with a new technology of her own creation of an Ultra Sound handheld machine. It breaks down the fat and removes it permanently! It’s INCREDIBLE!!! I wore the desired pants that same evening and was perfectly fine….I looked like “me” and not an overly feed female! I’ve been to my Health Club and can feel how much easier it is for me to work out. I can feel the lack of fat when I’m sitting at my computer and when I’m in the car. My workout clothes look great on and they certainly didn’t when I walked into Nina’s Salon. I can feel the difference when I’m laying down; my rear end is not sticking out! I’ve modeled my entire life and I know my body well, but the inches gained when I was visiting with my Mother was honestly shocking….to have gained those inches in so short a time; yikes!! Nina and I talked about Nutrition now that I’m in my 70’s. This will be a total change for me to “maintain” but I’m most grateful to understand the change in my body because of my increased age. I’ve always thought I knew how to lose weight but could not budge those inches. I consider myself very fortunate to now have Nina and her expertise in my life! And I’m recommending the “Anti Aging Center of Boca ” to all of my friends. Boca Raton is fortunate to have had Nina “set up shop” in our little-sophisticated town.!!! With endless gratitude,