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Non-Surgical Acoustic Facelift

We successfully use Non-Surgical Acoustic Facelift for face lifting, wrinkles removal,  toning, contouring cheek bones and jaw line, we remove fat from under the chin or cheeks if needed, reverse the look of aging and enhance self-confidence and self-esteem. In most cases the nose-labia folds and sagging skin on the jowls, neck, and jawline are caused by a layer of subcutaneous fat filling up under the skin that causes the visible sagging and creates appearance of loose skin on the face and neck.

At 30 years old our bodies stop producing collagen.  Collagen is the net that holds up our skin. At the age of 40-45 the fat cells that have been dormant since our birth begin to fill up. They make our skin heavy and without the net and fibers from collagen the gravity ends up pulling our skin down creating the look of aging. We also start seeing jowls and hollow cheeks. Wrinkles start appearing around the mouth, marionette lines and nose-labia folds show up, the skin starts drooping under the chin and jowls become visible.  Some experience appearance of visible horizontal lines on the neck and some see up and down folds and crepy skin under the chin and on the neck. Get a facelift near me at Anti-Aging Center of Boca.

Our Technology

We found and created a permanent solution for all these issues! Our technology consists of 2 completely different technologies used together as one. We have combined the most advanced form of Lypolysis and HIFU in one handle.

The high frequency Sound Waves delivered by Alfa Lypolysis vibrate at 20,000 per second and focus strictly on removing the subcutaneous fat that makes the skin saggy and creates a drooping effect. Salmunteniously HIFU, which is being pulled in by sound waves right under the skin,  shrinks the skin and build collagen.
By itself HIFU is painful,  temporary, and the person doesn’t see the improvement for 3 to 6 months. Delivered together with our Alpha Lypolysis it works instantly from under the skin where there are no nerve endings that sense the pain or heat. The results are so fast that you can see the immediate improvement right after the treatment.  

Alpha Lypolysis with HIFU

Our technology called Alpha Lypolysis with HIFU is the latest technology for anti-aging, lifting and removing the jowls, contouring the jaw line, removing excess skin from the neck and jaw area and toning and lifting entire face and neck. Our new machines and trained technicians will bring you results that will make you look and feel years younger. This wonderful technique is completely painless, with no side effects or require any period of time for recovery with permanent and immediate results. Get a Neck lift with Anti Aging Center of Boca Today.

Results Guaranteed

Our technology works for anyone, at any age and we guarantee our results. We take the pictures right before and right after  the treatment.  These results improve with time. In the first week the liquefied fat cells drain out of the body via lymphatic system. When the liquid drains out the skin becomes even tighter than seen on after pictures.  The big difference between our technology and traditional face lift, or other treatments like microneedeling,  ultherapy, lasers, thermage, micronutrient, or vampire facial is all these other treatments are temporary,  painful,  and only based on creating a trauma in the skin so body responds by building collagen.  We guarantee that our results are permanent. The subcutaneous fat (skin fat) cells cannot grow back. Therefore our clients will never get the drooping, sagging of the skin on the face, jawline,  jowels, or neck, not even if it is an inherited or the genetic predisposition to a second chin, turkey neck or premature aging skin.


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