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Anti Aging Center of Boca Nina Presman

Nina Presman

Nina Presman is the owner and founder of ANTI AGING CENTER OF BOCA and Ageless Body Sculpting Plus. Nina came to United States from Soviet Union in 1979. After her owns struggles with weight and trying to live up to the competitive standards of American beauty and body image she became a personal trainer and nutrition consultant.

In 2013 she graduated from Argosy University with BA in Science of Psychology, in addition she entered a school to learn about skin and esthetics and completed multiple degrees in advanced skin care field. The big dream for her was to combine the understanding of self-actualization and happiness together with expressing it outward and developing the outer beauty to match the inner self. With this in mind she created the ANTI AGING CENTER OF BOCA where a person can achieve the look he or she wants without a surgery and grow in her or his awareness of how to be truly happy on the inside also. Nina found practitioners who share her views and know how to deliver true healing and awareness to anyone who walks through the door.