Non-Surgical Fat Removal in Boca Raton, FL

Our patients in Boca Raton can receive a unique non-surgical treatment that helps to get rid of stubborn fat. Using innovative technology that combines acoustic lipolysis and HIFU, we can contour the body by targeting fat cells through the skin without incisions. Our founder, Nina Presman, has more than 20 years of experience in such procedures. Her unique technique creates natural-looking results and requires no anesthesia or recovery. Anti-Aging Center of Boca offers the best solution for effective and safe fat reduction.
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What Is Non-Surgical
Fat Removal?

Non-surgical fat removal is a cosmetic procedure that aims to reduce fat without surgery or other invasive methods. It involves the use of innovative devices to target fat deposits through ultrasound without harming surrounding tissues. The destroyed cells are then naturally cleared from the body over several weeks. Therefore, this procedure offers effective contouring without the need for invasive surgery.

Visible Results

Technology for
Fat Removal

Our cutting-edge device, Ageless Body Sculpting Plus, combines two technologies – acoustic lipolysis and HIFU. This device uses sound waves that vibrate 20,000 times per second to permanently remove fat cells. The waves are delivered through a handle simultaneously with HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound), which shrinks the skin and builds collagen at the same time. The targeted fat cells cannot grow back, so the changes are permanent. Our acoustic lipolysis + HIFU system is highly effective and helps to achieve impressive results with no downtime, anesthesia, or discomfort.
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Which Body Areas Can Be Treated?

Ageless Body Sculpting Plus can remove fat and eliminate excess skin in any body area, including:


This is a perfect technology to reduce unwanted fat on the face and make it look younger


We can address excess fat that is accumulated in the upper arms


Our treatment can remove stubborn belly fat and help patients make their waist thinner and more fit


We also target fat deposits in the legs, including the thighs, calves, and knees

Non-Surgical Fat Removal Procedure


No anesthesia is required for this non-invasive treatment. It is completely pain-free and does not involve any discomfort.
Acoustic lipolysis uses ultrasonic waves to break down and liquefy fat cells. The handpiece delivers sound waves that vibrate 20,000 times per second, selectively targeting the cell membranes. This causes them to rupture and release their contents. The freed fat is then naturally metabolized (drained) by the body over several weeks. The acoustic waves can reach fat layers beneath the skin without any incisions.
HIFU works by emitting ultrasound waves that vibrate more than 1 million times per second and penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen production and tighten tissues. The high-frequency waves target different depths, helping to lift sagging skin at multiple levels. As a result, the appearance becomes more contoured and fit.

Acoustic lipolysis and HIFU are designed to prevent pain or discomfort. They do not require surgical incisions or needles, so the patient can relax comfortably during the procedure. These technologies complement each other – HIFU lifts and tightens skin, while acoustic lipolysis eliminates the fat cells underneath for optimal body contouring. The entire treatment session takes 30-40 minutes in most cases.

Recovery After Non-Surgical Fat Removal

Our non-surgical fat removal requires no downtime. Patients can return to their normal activities immediately after the treatment. Acoustic lipolysis and HIFU cause no swelling, bruising, pain, or discomfort, and they do not damage surrounding tissues. No recovery is needed because the body is not affected in any way. Patients notice immediate results after the procedure. They also see a gradual improvement in their contours over the next few weeks as the disrupted fat cells are naturally eliminated from the body. The absence of downtime, side effects, and risks makes our treatment a convenient option for reducing stubborn fat without surgery.

Candidates for
Non-Surgical Fat

Nina Presman’s unique technology makes it possible to help all people get rid of subcutaneous fat. Here are the main characteristics of candidates for our treatment:

Small Areas of Fat

Patients who want to contour small, localized areas of fat tend to achieve the best results. Common treatment zones include the abdomen, thighs, arms, back, buttocks, and underneath the chin. The technology can eliminate subtle fat bulges and refine body contours.
In addition to removing fat, the focused heat stimulates new collagen production. Thus, patients with mild to moderate laxity can benefit from skin tightening after several sessions. People with severe sagging may need more invasive interventions.
Non-surgical fat removal is suitable for patients of all ages, from teenagers to seniors. Since it selectively destroys fat cells without affecting other tissues, this procedure is safe even for people with serious health conditions. Nina’s oldest patient is 86 and has a pacemaker.
Implementing a healthy diet and regular exercise helps to prolong the results of fat removal. Patients should be prepared to make lifestyle changes to maintain a stable weight after achieving their desired body contouring goals.

Benefits of
Non-Surgical Fat

Using our advanced technology, Nina can help all patients improve their shape and look more youthful. Here are the main benefits of this treatment:

Removes Stubborn Fat

Our non-surgical procedure effectively targets and eliminates stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. The focused ultrasonic waves penetrate beneath the skin to selectively rupture cell membranes. This releases the fat inside, which is then naturally drained from the body over several weeks. As a result, patients can get rid of fat pockets and improve their shape.
Acoustic lipolysis + HIFU is a non-invasive alternative to more complex and risky cosmetic surgery procedures. Since it does not require incisions or needles, this treatment is much more comfortable. Patients can achieve similar fat reduction results compared to a typical liposuction procedure but without any pain or unpleasant sensations.
Our treatment does not involve the risks associated with traditional liposuction and other cosmetic surgery procedures. There is no need for suction tubes inserted deep into fat layers or anesthesia that may cause adverse reactions. The focused ultrasonic waves eliminate unwanted tissue gently through the surface of the skin. Avoiding the complexities of liposuction makes this a much safer way to improve body shape. Patients experience no side effects during or after our brief 30-minute treatment session. Therefore, it is a perfect “liposuction treat” with no disadvantages and hardships associated with surgery.
Non-surgical fat removal delivers natural-looking results without any scars. Using our advanced technology, Nina can reduce fat in a sustainable way, making long-term changes in the patient’s body composition and quality of life.
Our treatment is incredibly convenient because there is no downtime after the procedure. Patients can return to their daily tasks immediately with no restrictions. Acoustic lipolysis and HIFU are walk-in, walk-out procedures. There are no wounds or severe symptoms that might limit people’s activities. Therefore, this treatment is an easy way to eliminate fat without having to put life on hold.

Cost of Non-Surgical Fat Removal
in Boca Raton

The cost of non-surgical fat removal in Boca Raton ranges from $500 to $3,000 per treatment session. The final price is influenced by the size of the targeted area and the number of interventions required. Additionally, the overall cost may encompass consultation fees, aftercare products, and follow-up appointments. Patients considering this procedure should consult with Nina Presman to get an accurate estimate tailored to their specific needs and objectives. In any case, this price will be lower compared to plastic surgery. Liposuction in Boca Raton and neighboring cities like West Palm Beach may cost anywhere between $3,000 and $15,000. It depends on the liposuction techniques used, anesthesia fees, facility charges, and many other factors. Therefore, it is much better to receive our pain-free, non-invasive treatment to remove excess fat. We provide flexible financing options via our partner, Cherry, to make our innovative procedure available for all patients.

What Makes Our Center Different From Others?

Cutting-Edge Technology

Anti-Aging Center of Boca utilizes the latest, most advanced technology for non-surgical fat removal procedures. Nina Presman continuously researches the newest techniques and equipment to ensure that her patients receive the best and most effective treatments available.
We guarantee that each person will get at least 2 inches of fat removed. Otherwise, they do not have to pay for the procedure. No other place can offer such favorable conditions.
With decades of experience in fitness, nutrition, skin care, and aesthetics, Nina has developed unparalleled expertise in cosmetic procedures. Her warmth, care, and attention to each patient’s unique needs set us apart.
While our center provides remarkable aesthetic results, we view outer beauty as part of a holistic approach to self-care and confidence building. Our treatments aim to help clients look and feel their best while nurturing their whole selves.
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What Our Patients say

Wow! I lost over an inch and a half of fat on each arm and more than two inches of back fat (bra band went from 34 to 32). It has been ten days since my treatment and results have been maintained. I am thin and work out five times a week, don't drink, eat healthy BUT these stubborn fat pockets never went away. Other women have said I look thinner. My arms now look strong instead of big! Nina is a kind, caring healer and I loved her promise that you don't pay if you don't get results. No pain or side effects. It was kind of crazy that you can lose this much fat in a few hours that no dieting got rid of.
Samantha M.
Nina is completely on top of her game. She believes in the treatment and with good reason. The work she did on my face took 15 years off. Very noticeable. An excellent investment. I highly recommend her process..
Deborah Hecker
I am very happy to have found Nina and her process. I lost 2sizes and 4 inches off my upper thighs in just 2 visits. I had4 children and even the loose skin and cellulite is gone! I was very scrptical at first, but she said that if I don’t lose I don’t pay, it wa worth the experience and results are great!
Danyéli Araujo
Nina is amazing! At 60 years old I did not think I could get rid of jowls, double chin and turkey neck without a face lift but Nina did get rid of it. The best part is that the results are permanent. I would highly recommend Nina. You won’t be disappointed
Michelle Gibbons
I’m amazed by this treatment, my arms and stomach are so much more toned , there’s really a visible difference from only one session! The whole experience was great as well, it was 100% pain free and quick and Nina had me feeling comfortable throughout the whole visit!!
Christine F.
Nina was amazing! I went here for a fat removal treatment and lost 4 inches in total from 1 sessions. Extremely professional medical facility and very clean. Will definitely be back for treatments! Highly recommend!
Samantha Urban