Our center in Boca Raton offers an innovative non-surgical arm lift to tighten skin and eliminate fat in the upper arms without surgery. Using advanced HIFU technology, we can refine arm contours to create a more toned, youthful appearance. Our expert provider, Nina Presman, helps all patients get rid of unwanted fat and tighten their skin with no incisions or scarring. At the Anti-Aging Center of Boca, we achieve impressive results by combining innovative solutions with a patient-centered approach.
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A non-surgical arm lift, also known as a scarless arm lift, is a non-invasive procedure that tightens the skin and dissolves upper-arm fat without the need for surgery. This treatment is often ideal for women with mild to moderate skin laxity, which may be caused by aging, significant weight loss, or excessive sun exposure. Non-surgical arm lifts are performed in our office using an acoustic lipoliser, which leaves no scars and involves no pain or discomfort.

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Visible Results


Our revolutionary HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) lipoliser is a completely non-invasive alternative to arm lift surgery. This breakthrough technology uses targeted ultrasound energy to gently heat the skin and underlying tissue of the upper arms. This thermal effect stimulates new collagen production, tightens existing collagen fibers, and eliminates excess fat, all without any incisions or downtime.


Before a non-surgical arm lift, a consultation is required to determine if this procedure is appropriate. The patient and provider discuss their goals for improving skin laxity or fat deposits in the arms. Our practitioner examines the arms to assess if HIFU can effectively target the desired areas. If the patient is deemed a good candidate, the provider explains how our device uses ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production and gently eliminate fat cells. We also discuss the details, such as the number of treatments needed for optimal results.
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The HIFU device delivers focused ultrasound energy to fat deposits in the arms. It bypasses the surface layers of skin and tissue, directing intense heat energy specifically to fat cells deep underneath without damaging any surrounding structures.
Using this device, Nina Presman maps and treats the target area with high precision and effectiveness. As the HIFU energy destroys the fat tissue, the body naturally eliminates the dead cells over the next few weeks and months. This non-invasive approach gradually tightens excess skin and shapes arms without incisions, pain medication, or downtime.


The non-surgical arm lift with HIFU requires no recovery period. Since there are no incisions or wounds, patients can return to normal activities immediately without bruising or swelling.


Fat Deposits in an Upper Arm

Individuals with stubborn fat deposits in the upper arms are the main candidates. The focused ultrasound targets and eliminates fat cells, reducing fullness in this area. Those with only mild to moderate fat deposits that are unresponsive to diet and exercise will see optimal results.

The non-surgical arm lift using HIFU is the most effective for patients in the age range of 40- 60. Those in their 40s may start to notice early signs of skin laxity or fat deposits in the arms due to aging and sun damage. The HIFU treatment can help to tighten skin and restore natural contour. Patients in their 50s, 60s, and 70s also see optimal results as the skin and underlying tissues respond well to the focused ultrasound.

The procedure can treat mild to moderate sagging skin on the arms. Individuals with severe skin laxity or very loose arm skin may still require a surgical lift to achieve more impressive results. Our non-invasive treatment offers more subtle skin tightening for earlier signs of aging.
The best candidates have modest expectations for improvement. While the non-surgical arm lift can improve arm contours, it does not replace surgery and will not deliver the same level of dramatic changes. Being realistic is important to ensure that the patient is satisfied with the outcomes.
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Achieve Similar Outcomes Without the Arm Lift Surgery

Our non-surgical procedure uses advanced HIFU technology to lift and tone the arms without any incisions or scarring. The ultrasound energy penetrates deep under the skin to stimulate collagen production and tissue tightening. This device makes it possible to achieve a visible lift that is comparable to surgical outcomes but without the permanent scarring left by invasive techniques.
Our non-surgical arm lift can dramatically refine the shape of the arms by stimulating collagen regeneration and skin tightening with HIFU. Areas of stubborn fat and loose skin are firmed and lifted to make the arms smoother, more toned, and youthful-looking. The enhancement in the shape after the procedure is significant.
A major benefit of this procedure is that there is no bruising or swelling afterward. The HIFU energy is precisely delivered below the skin without damaging the surrounding tissue or blood vessels. Patients can see significant improvements without any discomfort or pain that are common after a traditional arm lift.
With no incisions, tissue damage, or bruising, patients do not require any recovery time after having the non-surgical arm lift. It is a “walk-in, walk-out” procedure, with results building gradually over the next few months as the body produces new collagen. Patients can improve their appearance without taking time off work or normal routines.
Unlike surgical arm lift procedures, which carry risks from anesthesia and incisions, this treatment is entirely non-invasive. Ultrasound technology allows for precise targeting below the skin without any cutting or injections. It is extremely safe, with virtually no side effects.
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Boca Raton arm lift cost ranges from $500 to $1,000 per treatment. The number of sessions needed varies, depending on the skin laxity in the arms and the desired level of upper arm skin tightening. A mini arm lift may be cheaper than treating extensive areas. During a personal consultation, Nina Presman provides a cost estimate for each person. She evaluates the patient’s needs and goals to understand the extent of the procedure. We also determine the number of treatments and other specifics that impact the total costs. Anti-Aging Center of Boca offers flexible financing plans with Cherry to help patients budget for this transformative treatment.


Personalized Treatment Plans

Our non-surgical arm lift is tailored to each patient’s unique needs and goals. Nina Presman works closely with every person to develop a customized plan and address their specific concerns.
The Anti-Aging Center of Boca uses the latest advancements in non-invasive technology to provide remarkable results. We aim to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.
In addition to enhancing people’s outer beauty, Nina Presman recognizes the importance of nurturing inner confidence and self-acceptance. Her warmth and dedication help patients become happier and more satisfied with their bodies.
Anti-Aging Center of Boca offers convenient financing options to make treatments more affordable. Patients can use monthly Cherry plans to fit their budgets and receive our innovative treatment. We help each person make the next step on their weight loss journey.
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What Our Patients say

Wow! I lost over an inch and a half of fat on each arm and more than two inches of back fat (bra band went from 34 to 32). It has been ten days since my treatment and results have been maintained. I am thin and work out five times a week, don't drink, eat healthy BUT these stubborn fat pockets never went away. Other women have said I look thinner. My arms now look strong instead of big! Nina is a kind, caring healer and I loved her promise that you don't pay if you don't get results. No pain or side effects. It was kind of crazy that you can lose this much fat in a few hours that no dieting got rid of.
Samantha M.
Nina is completely on top of her game. She believes in the treatment and with good reason. The work she did on my face took 15 years off. Very noticeable. An excellent investment. I highly recommend her process..
Deborah Hecker
I am very happy to have found Nina and her process. I lost 2sizes and 4 inches off my upper thighs in just 2 visits. I had4 children and even the loose skin and cellulite is gone! I was very scrptical at first, but she said that if I don’t lose I don’t pay, it wa worth the experience and results are great!
Danyéli Araujo
Nina is amazing! At 60 years old I did not think I could get rid of jowls, double chin and turkey neck without a face lift but Nina did get rid of it. The best part is that the results are permanent. I would highly recommend Nina. You won’t be disappointed
Michelle Gibbons
I’m amazed by this treatment, my arms and stomach are so much more toned , there’s really a visible difference from only one session! The whole experience was great as well, it was 100% pain free and quick and Nina had me feeling comfortable throughout the whole visit!!
Christine F.
Nina was amazing! I went here for a fat removal treatment and lost 4 inches in total from 1 sessions. Extremely professional medical facility and very clean. Will definitely be back for treatments! Highly recommend!
Samantha Urban